The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Welcome to my first blog! This is a bit of a daunting task for me, and one that I have put off for some time…actually, for far too long!

Well, what is the aim of this blog, you might be asking? I have found that internet is rammed full of incredibly useful and fascinating information regarding spirituality, spiritual awakening and the many paths to achieve and deal with this. The internet is also full of information regarding the illusory aspect of our experience of reality, and how things are very different under this veil of conditioning that we are all subject to.

This being from for a combination of sources; ranging from the eastern explanations of true reality, embedded in mainstream religions for melenia; such as with Buddhism, through to your more western or conspiratorial explanations of this from the likes of characters such as David Icke and other known personalities on the internet. As we know, with the rise of quantum theory and the scientific micro universe, this is also opening mainstream science to the ultimate nature of our true reality – or at least the surface nature of it.

It is clear that we are going through a massive shift of consciousness at present. Whilst things on the surface indicate life is getting worse, such as with the rise of mental illness, egoic domination, physical illnesses, increased greed, conflict, war, selfishness, increased use of surveillance and police state tactics, narcissism of social media, political apathy etc.

Underneath this, we are sensing a shift, or a quickening towards a massive positive change in the world, where the old and established structures will crumble away and give rise to a new and more evolved consciousness. Some say it is the new epoch, age of Aquarius, 3D to 5D reality shift etc. I can definitely tell, things are shifting for the better – on the surface level negatively, but deep down far more towards what we might term as positively – but more accurately towards increased unity, love, and authenticity, where the ego gives way to true authentic consciousness.

At present, I am going through a very turbulent experience of a spiritual awakening, whilst trapped in a highly conforming and mainstream vocation, which is so so far from my true self and spiritual path. This has thrown me into what some term as the dark night of the soul, where one has to face up to every suppressed and avoided fear and aspect of the shadow self – along with lashings of anxiety, fear, depression and other equally negative emotions….unpleasant to say the least! I’m also still dealing with the pressures of my highly stressful job and busy family life – transitioning from the old life into a new more wholesome one.

What I have not found much of on the internet is an individual account of what it’s like to make sense of this plethora of information and to determine the correct path and decisions to make, whilst experiencing the spiritual awaking live time. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you also have questions, or are just curious as to what I’m rambling on about, joint me on this experience and we can share this awakening experience together.

I will try and theme each blog to a particular subject regarding this. Please feel free to leave any comments whatsoever, or your views regarding anything. I will try to reply to all.

With love,



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